“Be the preferred partner for high-quality custom-designed power transmission solutions.”

We want ESCO to be the first brand that comes to mind when companies have a power transmission challenge to tackle. By focusing on specific markets, we become better at developing, serving and retaining our customers. We build long term relationships with them, which helps us improve in understanding and satisfying their needs.

We create much more than off-the-shelf products. We focus on custom designed solutions:

  • Custom designed, because we believe each transmission challenge our customer faces is different.
  • Solutions, because we believe adding value in this field is about much more than the mere delivery of a product. It’s about above-market responsiveness, technical know-how, service and about the long term relationship that comes with it.

We deliver High-quality power transmission solutions. Our products are at the heart of the world’s motion. Because the world needs to keep moving, we cannot allow our products to fail. And we take this mission very seriously. All along our value chain, high quality is of utmost importance. It is our main focus in every little thing we do. Superior product quality is what guarantees our customer’s success, it is what enables long term partnerships with them. The ESCO quality has been worldly renown for decades and we work every day to raise these standards even further.


“Be a significant contributor to the development of effective and sustainable industrial, transportation and energy supply applications. Become the reference partner for connecting rotating equipment that makes the world a better place.”

Our products connect components that generate power to others that consume this power. by putting this power to work, ESCO products enable train wheels to turn, ships to navigate, windmill blades to rotate, industries to produce steel, paper, food, textile, energy, … We transmit the torque that allows the world to work, human beings to travel, to read, to eat, … In a few words: we connect the world.

However, our aim is to help connect the world in a more sustainable way. We want our products to promote a more responsible and effective way of manufacturing goods, commuting and producing energy. We want our transmissions to power metros, trains, hybrid ships, wind-mills, hydraulic power plants …

We strongly believe that both the future of our economy and the best guarantee for long term return lie in sustainable development. And we want to do our part.


The first responsibility we have is towards our customers. We develop them, serve them and retain them through quality. Pursuing quality all along our value chain is our utmost priority and the very reason why we deliver excellent products and superior solutions at competitive prices.

Then, we are responsible towards our employees. We want them to feel satisfied with the work they do every day. We strive to help them develop the multiple skills and flexibility that are necessary to evolve in our modern society. We provide them with the necessary tools to develop the technical know-how that is required to serve our customers. We expect our collaborators to be proactive, to showcase the spirit of entrepreneurship that is essential to a culture fostering innovation. We want them to be committed to developing a company that can constantly adapt to an ever-changing world.

We believe the core of a successful company culture is trust. Hence, we value transparent communication, open-mindedness, respect and integrity in every step we take.

The final responsibility we have is towards our shareholders. We are a family business and we drive the company as such, by favouring long term prudent value creation. We believe maximizing profits over the long run will always beat short term returns.

By sticking to these few principles in our day to day business, ESCO should successfully fulfil its mission and achieve its vision. By doing so, the company should produce a healthy return to shareholders and sustain the family’s legacy.