F - Series


Characteristics of the Escogear F series couplings

The Escogear coupling is a torsionally rigid grease filled coupling consisting of two hubs with external multicrown - and two flanged sleeves with straight internal teeth.  The flanged sleeves are bolted together with high strength corrosion protected fitted bolts and nuts. The sleeve is at the opposite side of the flange executed with an endcap (internal for small and screwed for big size couplings) in which the o-ring is located for sealing purposes. The Escogear coupling has been designed to transmit the torque between these two flanges through friction avoiding fretting corrosion between these faces.

The teeth of hub and sleeve are continuously in contact with each other and have been designed with the necessary backlash to accommodate angular-, parallel- and axial misalignment within their misalignment capacity. The angular and parallel misalignment capacity is determined by the gear tooth design and is for the standard Escogear max. 1.5° degrees (2 x 0.75°) in total. The axial misalignment capacity is limited by the gear teeth length in the sleeve and can be varied (optionally).

Gear couplings are generally made from carbon steel Ck45 (AISI 1040). For higher torque capacities, within the same coupling dimensions, a higher alloy steel like 42CrMo4QT can be used (optionally).
Parallel misalignment can only be accommodated by double engagement type couplings. 

The Escogear F series is robust and reliable. It is ideal for meeting the specific requirements of various rotating equipment machines in all kind of industries, with torque up to 5,040,000 Nm.

Het voordeel van Esco

De Escogear F serie biedt:

  • Hoge koppelcapaciteit & significante hoekafwijking waardoor de koppeling onder gecombineerde belasting, snelheid en uitlijningsvoorwaarden betrouwbaar kan worden ingezet.
  • Eenvoudiger selectie van de koppeling
  • Grote boring capaciteit
  • Minimaal gewicht
  • Wij waarborgen de hoogste productie kwaliteit & lange levensduur.
  • Esco’s Multicrown Tandprofiel
  • Perfecte homokinetische koppeloverdracht
  • Uiterst kleine tandspeling reduceert impact van schokbelasting 
  • Perfecte tandkopcentrering
  • Precies geboorde / gefreesde flensgaten
  • In zink gedompelde verbindingsbouten die wrijvingscorrosie in flens boringen vermijden.
  • Uitstekende bescherming van componenten


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