DWMO - variant


Characteristics of the Escodisc DWMO variant couplings

Disc couplings are of an all-metal, non-lubricated design and are torsionally stiff. The torque is transmitted by means of links acting between bolts that are alternatively connected to two opposing flanges. The misalignment capacity depends on the thickness, the flexibility and the tensile strength of the material used for the links as well as the overall design of the flexible unit. The degree of flexibility of a disc coupling depends on the distance between two connecting bolts. The total torque capacity depends on the total number of bolts and their location diameter. Disc couplings will in most cases have two flexible elements and a distance spacer. As all parts are positively connected, the disc coupling has good balancing properties and is hence often used at motor speeds.

The Escodisc DWMO variant for wind turbines was specifically developed to meet the highest demands of the wind industry for efficiency, lower maintenance and reduced life cycle costs.

The Esco advantage

The Escodisc DWMO variant offers::

  • A maintenance-free design requiring no lubrication

  • Corrosion-resistant discs in stainless steel with an optimized shape and thickness

  • High misalignment capacity (up to 2°) and high balance quality

  • Low vibration levels

  • Electric insulation

  • Specific surface protection (optional)

  • The Esco’s EIOS Overload Protection System/Torque Limiter (optional)

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