Trumy Diaphragm Series


Characteristics of the TRUMY diaphragm couplings:

The Trumy diaphragm couplings are high-performance couplings for rotating machines. They absorb the shaft misalignments by deformation of the flexible metallic diaphragms with specific profile, while transmitting the torque. The coupling has advantage of high strength, light weight, big power density, exceptional misalignments accommodating capacity and small additional force on equipment.  It has found a wide range of applications to pumps, fans and compressors driven by gas turbines, steam turbines and electric motors. Especially for high-speed/high-power turbine compressor sets.

The flexible elements, diaphragms made of high-strength stainless steel, bring to the coupling high strength, light weight and inherent anticorrosion capability. Thinnest and curve profile diaphragms absorb shaft misalignments by elastic deformation, while transmitting torque.

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The Trumy diaphragm couplings offer:

  • High Strength, big flexibility, better compressive performances
  • Lighter weight, less additional bending moment, more commensurate with the requirement of the machines coupled
  • More Misalignment capacity
  • Longer service life
  • Maintenance free
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