Trumy High-Speed - Series


Characteristics of the Trumy high-speed couplings:

The Trumy high-performance flexible disc couplings are high-quality torque-transmitting products developed specially for high-speed rotary machinery. The flexible elements are thin metal discs made from high-strength steel. Having passed finite element analysis and from optimization. All type of metal discs offer optimal compressive performances. The bolts transmitting torque with strength class above 10.8are made from high-alloy steel. Hub, sleeve and other force bearing components made from alloy steel have high-strength as well as good compressive performances through quenching and tempering.

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The TRUMY advantage:

The Trumy high-speed couplings offer:

  • High Strength, good flexibility and good compressive performances.
  • Low weight, high power density, small effect to the machines.
  • Small bending moment, especially suitable for turbine compressor sets.
  • Optimized profile membrane disc offering great capacity to compensate misalignments.
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