Trumy Low & Middle-Speed - Series


Characteristics of the Trumy low and middle-speed couplings:

The Trumy low and middle-speed disc couplings are mainly applicable to pumps, fans and compressors driven by electric motor or internal combustion engines, as well as low to middle-speed power transmission after the reductor driven by turbo machinery. Coupling series D4, TD and their derivatives should be preferential for oil refinery pumps, chemical industry pumps, low speed fans and other pumps directly driven by electric motors. TDA Series couplings in accordance with API 610.

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The TRUMY advantage:

The Trumy low and middle-speed couplings offer:

  • A simple structure, easy to mount and dismount.
  • A four-hole membrane disc with great capacity to compensate misalignments
  • A large shaft accommodation
  • The compliance to API 610 requirements
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