Hydraulic Power Take Offs

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Oil/Air-operated PTOs for diesel and electric drives

Oil/air-operated clutches have been developed for high-speed and high performance industrial engines to meet the demand for power take-offs providing max. reliability and minimum installation and operating costs.

Features (depending on model)
  • Compact design
  • High torque absorption
  • No pilot bearings required in the engine flywheel
  • No radial load on the flywheel
  • Standard SAE connection
  • Dustproof for unfavorable ambient conditions
  • Kevlar friction plates for heavy-duty and torsionally aggressive applications
  • Easy assembly and installation
  • Easy service and mounting
  • Minimum need for maintenance


Industrial and marine applications, pumps, mixers, generators, textile machinery, fans and blowers, conveyors, cranes and hoisting devices, crushers, paper mills, presses, sludge pumps, compressors