Gear type couplings


FWMO - variant

Multicrown gearing optimized for wind mill applications accommodating misalignment combinations up to 2 (4) degrees
Torque up to 260,000 Nm
Bore up to 240 mm
FTRN - series

FTRN - series

Multicrown gearing for high-misalignment rail traction
Torque up to 30,000 Nm+
Bore up to 120 mm+
High speed - series

High speed - series

Multicrown gearing version application-wise customized with weight-optimized flanges and hubs, oil or grease lubricated, balanced for high rotation speed up to 20,000rpm

N - series

Continuous geared sleeve with steel covers, basic design
Torque up to 2000 Nm
Bore up to 85 mm

Disc type couplings

High speed series

high-speed - series

Multidisc pack subassembly version application-wise customized with weight-optimized flanges, anti-spark and anti-fly, balanced for high rotation speeds of up to 22,000 rpm
DPU - series

DPU - series

Multidisc and flange packed subassembly version with anti-spark and anti-fly (optional)
Torque up to 23,100 Nm
Bore up to 220 mm

Elastic type couplings

Grid type couplings



Characteristics of the Escogrid – series couplings:

The Escogrid series couplings have a lubricated design that combines the economy and high torque