We connect the world

ESCO is the specialist in Couplings and Transmission products. Its offer is complemented by engineering support and a complete range of services which make it the ideal partner to accompany you in all your projects. 

Engineering and services

What we are proud of

Marina Barrage in Singapore

ESCO Couplings has been chosen to participate in the incredible project of the Marina Barrage in Singapore, inaugurated in 2008.

The Marina Barrage is a dam built across the 350-meter-wide marina channel to keep out seawater, creating a pure water reservoir. This reservoir has many uses:

Combined power-plant, pump & turbine station in Belgium

ESCO Couplings has participated in the installation of the combined power-plant, pumping & turbining station on the Albertkanaal (Albert Canal) in Ham and Olen in Belgium.

The Albertkanaal is linking the port of Antwerp with Liège (two major cities in Belgium), the port of Rotterdam and the Rhine river and Düsseldorf. Hence is the Albertkanaal a highly important waterway for the Belgian economy and industry.

Boat lift in Belgium

ESCO Couplings has been selected to participate in the implementation of one of the world’s tallest boat lifts. The Strépy-Thieu boat lift was originally built to connect the “Canal du Centre” in Strépy-Thieu, and its important transportation of locally mined coal and iron ore, to the canals reaching the main ports of Belgium.

Engineering and services

You are always at the center of our attention. In order to support you and your projects the best way possible, from the first thought to way after the implementation, ESCO developed a complete range of services dedicated to satisfying you at the optimum.



In order to ensure the safety and long life of our couplings, upon request our ESCO Couplings engineers provide on-site training courses at the customer’s premises and explain all the correct procedures for installing and maintaining the couplings and their components.


At ESCO Couplings, we want to serve the customer in the best possible way. This goes hand in hand with our long-lasting, high-quality couplings requiring very little maintenance and with our related services.

Research and development

ESCO Couplings has a long history in the R&D field. In the past, our engineers succeeded in optimizing disc coupling design in order to reduce reaction forces to a minimum. They also eliminated phenomena such as fretting corrosion and buckling, which can limit the life of a lamination coupling significantly.

Solution design

At ESCO Couplings, we are completely dedicated to the design and manufacture of couplings. From the moment the customer submits a price request, his needs are carefully assessed in detail in order to satisfy the specific requirements of his application. Starting with our sales staff, who have an engineering background and who can design the concept of the correct solution quickly on the spot.

Product Design

For more than 45 years ESCO Couplings has been designing and developing its own high-quality couplings. As a result of experience and know-how, we are now seen globally as a coupling specialist and placed among the top 5 coupling manufacturers.