high-speed - series

High speed series

Characteristics of the Escodisc High-Speed series couplings

Disc couplings are of an all-metal, non-lubricated design and are torsionally stiff. The torque is transmitted by means of discs, which are alternatively mounted (on the same bolt circle) to the drive and driven flange of the disc pack assembly. The misalignment capacity depends on the pack thickness, the disc material, the amount of drive bolts and the free span of the material between the drive bolts. The total torque capacity depends on the disc pack thickness, total number of drive bolts and their bolt circle. Disc couplings will in most cases have two flexible elements and a spacer. As all parts are positively connected, this disc coupling ensures good inherent balancing properties.

The Escodisc High-Speed series, also called high-performance disc couplings, are used in high-power/high-speed applications. The couplings design may differ as a function of the application and the characteristics of the machines to be connected and hence full data are required for coupling design.

Balancing is required as well as optionally compliance with API 671. These couplings have provision for accomodating angular and parallel misalignments and have provisions for accomodating thermal growth of the machine shafts. 

The Escodisc High-Speed series couplings are robust and reliable and meet the specific requirements of the various rotating machines.

The ESCO advantage

The Escodisc High-Speed series offers:

  • A maintenance free design requiring no lubrication

  • High torque capacity for required angular misalignment, allowing the coupling to operate under combined load, speed and misalignment conditions

  • High bore capacity

  • High alloy steel components and light weight

  • The highest manufacturing quality and long coupling life guarantee

  • Perfect homokinetic torque transmission

  • Component-balancing (assembly balance check; optional)

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