Fluid Couplings for Electrical Applications

Fluid Couplings

The different models are available as variable speed fluid couplings providing stepless speed variation over a wide range when connected to fixed-speed electric motors as couplings operating on the principle of hydrodynamic power transmission with fill-level control and as hydrodynamic power transmissions operating according to the Föttinger principle.

Features (depending on model)
  • Self-supported stationary housing
  • Rugged design for all site conditions
  • Rotating mass is not exposed, hence, no risk of accidents
  • Easy mounting of various controls, oil connections, sensors etc.
  • Higher misalignment capacity and choice of flexible couplings
  • Easy maintenance and accessibility by opening top cover
  • Continuous declutching possible
  • Very low vibration and noise level
  • Load-free starting of the motor, thus reduced current consumption during start-up
  • Wear free power transmission – no mechanical connection
  • Smooth and controlled start-up and acceleration control of driven machine, as well as reliable motor overload protection. The acceleration time can be up to several minutes, when required
  • Gradual and shock free build-up of breakaway torque
  • Clutching and declutching of driven machine while the motor is running
  • Dampening of shock loads and torsional vibrations


Belt conveyors, pipe conveyors, conveyors with multi drive units, reversible conveyors, inclined conveyors, ring granulators (crushers), hammer type crushers, ball mills, rod mills, beaters, pulverizers, vibrating screens, centrifugal fans & pumps with speed variation, boiler feed pumps, blowers & fans, wagon tipplers, bucket elevators, dredgers