Hydraulically Driven Tractor Winches

Hydraulically Driven Tractor Winches

High-efficiency gearing and heavy-duty construction

The hydraulically driven tractor winch is a triple reduction planetary winch drive system enclosed in a large welded housing which mounts on the rear of a crawler tractor. The winch is driven by a hydraulic motor which depends upon the tractor hydraulic system for power. The delivery of the oil supply to the winch motor varies with specific tractor design. It is designed to set the standard for precise load control in applications like pipeline construction, phosphate mining, power line sagging and heavy construction. It incorporates high-efficiency gearing and heavy-duty construction to deliver exceptional power and durability for log skidder and other recovery applications.

Features (depending on model)
  • No drive line connection results in lower operating temperature and reduced maintenance
  • Infinitely variable positive speed control allows the operator to closely match winch and tractor speeds
  • Overrunning clutch coupled with dynamic braking to eliminate load fallback
  • Equipped with variable speed piston motors allowing a wide speed range and precise load placement
  • Intuitive operation combined with overload protection are ideally suited for inexperienced users in the growing rental market
  • Integral heavy-duty drawbar is standard on all models
  • Integral three roller fairlead is standard on most models
  • Designed specifically as a hydraulic winch (not a conversion) to deliver maximum performance
  • Symmetrical profile and compact design for balanced positioning, easier mounting, and smallest mounting envelope in class, designed to fit all current and planned skidders
  • Flexible - adaptable to any open-loop or closed-loop hydraulic system
  • Easy to install, modular option kits facilitate field upgrades for changing operations
  • Oil-lubricated, sealed free spool clutch means cooler operation and reduced wear during free spool and drive-away operations
  • More cable capacity than competing skidder winches


Pipeline constructions, mining, heavy constructions