Control System

Joystick Systems have revolutionized docking and slow speed maneuvering of diesel-powered, conventional shaft line boats. With easy fingertip movements, you control direction and speed – instantaneously. No lugging. No lurching. No dunking.

Features (depending on model)


  • Easy and complete vessel control (engine, marine gear, bow and/or stern thruster)
  • Very smooth running with the complete system
  • “Push-and-go” directional maneuvering
  • For speeds up to 900 RPM
  • Immediate responsiveness of the driveline without delay
  • No steering wheel and control lever activities during docking


  • No toggling between cruise and troll
  • Precise and instantaneous control
  • Propeller control in connection with Quickshift transmission
  • Full power always available with Quickshift transmission
  • Easy installation
  • GL approved


All vessels, yachts, pleasure crafts