Looking for a Parallel Hybrid Solution?


For many reasons we are looking, beside the conventional diesel drive, to alternative drive line solutions: redressing pollution, fuel consumption, new environmental regulations, efficiency and diesel lifetime improvement are the largest motivators. And of course, we like to be ahead of the future!

Esco Power believes in finding the best solution and developed a heavy duty full Parallel Hybrid Solution as it gives us a double energy source availability while keeping the standard drive line configuration. This gives the best of both worlds, as diesel and electric power can be used whenever the operator requests and in the optimum curve field.

Parallel Hybrid Transmission (PHT)

The PHT - designed for heavy duty applications with diesel engines from 200 HP to 1700 HP – enters the drive line between diesel engine and marine gear (if required) and can easily be installed with input and output SAE connections. A second input/output can transmit a high power (up to 1500Nm), to install an E-motor/generator.

Due to the integrated ratio of the PHT (choice of 1.47 or 1.70), torque of the electric motor can be multiplied in propulsion mode. In generation mode, the generator speed is multiplied compared to the diesel engine. This means that the power of the electric motor and the efficiency of the system are optimized in both situations. Without the benefit of integrated ratio, power of the electric motor would have to increase significantly, resulting in an increase in weight, price, consumption and installation dimensions.

The internal electro-magnetic clutch, which operates fully independently at 24VDC, enables to connect/disconnect the diesel engine from the drive line. 

BV approval is available.

Advantages of the PHT

By increasing speed to PTO, size of electric parts decreases (generator function)
•    We can optimize the speed for generator/electric motor to get optimum efficiency
•    By reducing speed from PTI, torque of E-motor increases (propulsion)
•    Unit can be installed vertically or horizontally (using optional oil pump kit)
•    Very compact design due to parallel installation of electric engine
•    Longer service life time of diesel engine.
•    Dual electric machine uses as generator and as motor.