Planetary Winches

Planetary Winches

High performance recovery winches

The H-Series is a compact planetary winch designed for long life and efficient operation in small-core drill rig and recovery applications. Dynamic and static braking features provide safe, smooth operation. High-efficiency anti-friction bearings are used throughout the winch to ensure long service life. The H-Series features two gear ratios and a variety of motor options.

The GPH-Series incorporates high-performance gearing and heavy-duty construction to deliver exceptional power and durability in the most demanding applications. The compact, low-profile design provides superior load control and performance in gin pole hoisting applications. A hard-working asset in the field and on the books, the GPH-Series is an easy decision for operators and fleet owners.

The HP-Series is ready to conquer the challenges of the oilfield. This compact and powerful recovery winch delivers best-in-class line-pull and robust performance in the toughest applications. Precise load control and ease of service make the HP-Series the top choice for operators and fleet owners alike.

Features (depending on model)

The main characteristics of the planetary winches are:

  • Crowned and shaved gearing for smooth, quiet operation and long life
  • Spring-applied, hydraulic-released multi-disc static wet brake holds load in event of hydraulic pressure loss
  • Integral mounting feet on cast ductile iron side plates for maximum stability
  • Sealed three-stage high-efficiency planetary reduction gearing provides superior performance for long pulls
  • Sprag clutch provides positive load holding for secure operation
  • Reversible base angles allow flexibility for profile bed mounting as well as up or down orientation
  • Negative-draft jaw clutch ensures full engagement under load
  • Ferrule anchor system facilitates rope installation and removal
  • Easy-to-access lubrication points allow servicing with wire rope in place
  • Gear or Vane motor available
  • Multi-disc wet brake for firm hold
  • Air actuated sliding drum clutch


Optional features:

  • Free-spool configuration for improved productivity in roll-off trailer applications
  • Gear, piston, and low-speed-high-torque (LSHT) motor configurations
  • Two drum sizes
  • SAE A, B, or C motor mount
  • Underwound drum
  • 2-Speed Hydraulic Motor
  • Electronic load monitor for progressive lighted display and audible overload indicator
  • Clutch engagement indicator provides load status without need for direct line-of-sight to winch
  • Piston motor with SAE "D" mounting configuration


Small-core drill rig, recovery applications, oilfield