Powershift Transmissions

Powershift Transmissions

For quick reversals of direction and smooth clutch engagement

Powershift transmissions are recommended for industrial applications where quick direction reversals and smooth engagement of the clutch are required. Gear shifting under load and simple speed and direction control enable the operator to work quickly without any great exertion.

Features (depending on model)
  • Individual interchangeability of components
  • Great variety of torque converters
  • Patented Soft-Shift system
  • Optionally with glycol filled fluid coupling and PTO, drop box, spring loaded parking brake, gear selector
  • 6- or 9-speed (coaxial) power-shift transmission
  • Advanced electronic control system
  • Full time all-wheel drive
  • Designed to match engine life
  • Cost-effective and easy to maintain


Industrial trucks and construction vehicles, equipment for marine, mining, oil and agricultural industries, airfield towing tractors, sweepers, off-road vehicles, forestry machinery, pit vehicles, industrial tractors, luggage transporters, forklift trucks, shunting locomotives