Worm Gear Winch - Upright

Worm Gear Winch Upright

The Worm Gear Recovery Winch is a high performance product designed to provide many years of service. Optional features increase the winches ability to meet specific application requirements.

Features (depending on model)

Standard features of the Upright winches:

  • Adjustable dry band-type worm brake
  • High strength aluminium-bronze worm gear for increased pulling power and long gear life
  • Freespool clutch with negative draft jaws for positive engagement under load
  • Oil-cooled, fully adjustable automatic worm brake
  • One-piece cast ductile housing
  • Tapered roller bearings providing extra capacity in carrying worm thrust and radial loads
  • Large capacity ductile iron cable drum with a bolted clutch plate
  • Ground and polished, heat treated alloy steel drum shaft
  • Band brake around cable drum helps prevent "birdnesting" of cable when drum clutch is disengaged
  • Combination of worm and planetary drive results in higher efficiency

Optional features:

  • 2-Speed Hydraulic Motor
  • Available in Mechanical or Hydraulic Drive
  • Extension Shaft
  • With or Without Remote Band Brake


Caterpillars, tracked vehicles