Quarrying & Mining

Escogear couplings are built to support and be resistant to the heavy-work and extreme conditions of the mining industry. The major conveyor in the Coal Mine has been driven for years by an Escogear FST size 530, with a gearbox shaft with a diameter of 500 mm.

Application: Conveyor 

Couplings used: Gear coupling

Customer: Tata Steel Mines in Odisha/Jharkhand


... and his Challenge

Handling, braking and crushing stones, rocks, coal, minerals etc. is performed by large and expensive machinery which needs to be rugged but at the same time reliable. These installations are generally high-powered and therefore large. Being installed in remote areas, it is advantageous to keep weight and volume to the minimum. Escogear couplings with their high capacities help to meet these requirements.

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N - series

Continuous geared sleeve with steel covers, basic design
Torque up to 2000 Nm
Bore up to 85 mm