Textiles are not only used for clothing. Industrial uses as well as automotive applications these days demand reliable and highly productive machinery. These are typically 365/7/24 applications which apart from being robust must also be competitive. Escogear and Escodisc couplings fulfil requirements as a function of each application within the space envelope and the specification submitted, whether for torque and/or alignment and/or function.

For instance, Escogear couplings are used in shock sensitive applications where standard and special executions are used, while Escodisc couplings are used in lower torque and low shock sensitive applications where synchronism is required.


The reduced backlash as a result of the Multicrown gear profile provides advantages for applications in which the transmission of high torques and indexing of shafts is required.

... and his Challenge

The textile industry is changing from classic textiles to industrial textiles based on composites and non-organic basic products at the same time as production requirements and quality requirements are constantly increasing. Couplings used in textile industry machinery must be reliable and adapted to the latest production requirements of speed and torque and reliability and have a long life combined with low maintenance requirements/costs.

ESCO Couplings understands the requirements of this particular industry and is able to select and supply the best solution for these applications from its Escogear or Escodisc product families to the satisfaction of its customers.

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N - series

Continuous geared sleeve with steel covers, basic design
Torque up to 2000 Nm
Bore up to 85 mm