Renewable energy

Windmills applications need small, light couplings with high misalignment capacities and high-power densities, in combination with brake discs and overload devices.

Esco couplings has succeeded in designing such specific couplings. And what is more, the high axial capacity of Escogear couplings makes the construction of the driveline much simpler and in addition, assembly is faster and easier.

Our ESCODISC and ESCOGEAR couplings are ideally suited for use in small to medium Hydrel power generation stations in horizontally inclined or vertical arrangements with or without Shear spacers.

renewable energy

... and his Challenge

The renewable energy industry is very challenging as the components mounted in wind turbines are situated on top of a tower which is difficult to access – hence, reliability is of the utmost importance.

Escogear and Escodisc couplings offer specific advantages for this industry based on Esco’s Multicrown technology or Disc design in combination with brake discs and overload protection systems as well as electric insulation.

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FWMO - variant

Multicrown gearing optimized for wind mill applications accommodating misalignment combinations up to 2 (4) degrees
Torque up to 260,000 Nm
Bore up to 240 mm

N - series

Continuous geared sleeve with steel covers, basic design
Torque up to 2000 Nm
Bore up to 85 mm