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Whether for printing or writing by hand, paper is still an important part of quality communication and must therefore be of the highest quality, requiring that the fibers used are of the finest quality.

The high-power chipping machines must provide maximum reliability under the most varied circumstances for the wood. ESCOGEAR couplings outperform others, even when subject to changing temperatures and climate conditions, when employed in these highly-powered machines as well as in wood yards, for example, screw conveyors. They permit a long production period and reduced maintenance thanks to the optimized engineered coupling design. Various rotating machines in paper production plants are driven either by ESCOGEAR couplings (Chippers, Refiners, Conveyors, etc..) or by ESCODISC couplings (Pumps, Mixers, Coating Line-dryers, filters, Paper machines, slitters etc...)


... and his Challenge

The requirements of this industry with respect to the quantity and quality of paper are changing from newspaper to high-quality printing paper, combined with environmental rules such as preservation of rainforest reserves and the machinery must therefore adapt to these changing requirements while finally, maintenance must be reduced as far as possible. In the wood yard, installed powers are increasing. In paper production, rotating speeds are increasing while the absence of lubrication couplings helps to increase the quality and reduce paper wastage.

Esco Couplings engineers understand these requirements of the industry and therefore design and supply their Escogear and Escodisc couplings to comply with this evolution.

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N - series

Continuous geared sleeve with steel covers, basic design
Torque up to 2000 Nm
Bore up to 85 mm